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Silicone Narrow Neck Bottle Brush


Durable and long-lasting narrow neck bottle brush made of high quality LFGB and FDA certified food grade silicone

Are you struggling to clean your narrow opening water bottle?

Feeling uneasy about just washing your bottle with warm soapy water because you don’t have the right brush?

If so, try this silicone bottle brush!

This brush has 3.5cm wide, sturdy but flexible silicone bristle that can easily slip and fit inside the slim neck bottle.
The brush is 38cm long for easy grip that gives you the control you need to get down into hard-to-reach corners at the bottom of the bottles and keep them sparkling clean.

This bottle brush is a must-have addition to your plastic free kitchen cleaning collection !

| Features

・The long sturdy handle with slim bristle is suitable for cleaning narrow neck bottles.

・Made of high quality food grade silicone (FDA & LFGB approved).

・Plastic free, no chemicals and non-toxic.

・Silicone bristle does not scratch the surface of the stainless steel and glass bottles.

・Durable, long lasting and reusable.

・Easy care and hygienic,  no grime or odor.

・The long handle is easy to grip and ensures that the brush will get down into all the corners of the bottle.

・Easy hanging to dry and store.

・Brush measurement: 38cm long, 3.4cm wide

・Temperature tolerance: -20℃ to 220℃

| Materials

・Food grade silicone(FDA & LFGB certified)

| Dimensions

・Length: 38 cm
・Width: 3.4cm

| Use & Care Instructions

・Clean the brush with mild soap and water.

・Air-dry with bristles facing down after each use and keep in dry place.

・Do not use harsh chemicals.

・Keep away from fire.

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