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About us



I am a mother of two and like all mothers I am always searching for the best options for my children’s health and future. I provide my children good quality well-balanced food every day to give them energy and the ability to grow, develop, move, learn, and stay healthy.

But one day I realised that I had been serving nutritious food on plastic tableware that is petroleum-derived and has a significant amount of additives, which is far from safe for my children.

I was devastated to know that I might have been causing unintentional harm to my children by serving healthy food on unhealthy chemical laden plastic...

This is what inspired my husband and I to start 4evaeco and create plastic free products that are 100% safe for children giving parents peace of mind.


4evaeco tableware is made of high quality stainless steel and silicone, both are completely safe for you, your children and the Earth.

They are durable, reusable and last a lifetime!
This means you can reduce waste significantly contributing to a greener future and of course help you save money!!



The designs are simple and stylish, yet practical and functional. Our family-friendly tableware is perfect not only for every day meals at home but also for picnics and camping due to its durability.
On top of that our tableware can be used for cooking as well! You'll be amazed to discover that our multipurpose products really make your sustainable lifestyle easier and fun!!

4evaeco tableware is a product that we can be proud of from a practical point of view, from a health perspective and the environmental aspect.

We hope to connect with you and your family, especially your little ones who are our future, and provide lots of love and smiles during mealtimes!

Thank you so much for your interest and support in 4evaeco.


Mamiko Hoban
Founder of 4evaeco


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