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How to place the silicone base
on the stainless steel bowl

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tammy F.
Can't live without them!

I am so impressed how versatile these bowls are! Our family uses them for every single meals.
Literally from cereal, rice, salad to baking in the oven, making cold sweets in the fridge,
I really can't live without them!

Mad J.
My favorite kitchen item

I’m using this bowl every day!!!
It’s perfect not only for serving my kid’s food but for food prep and cooking.
Stainless steel transfers heat very well, so I use it for double boiler as well!
Incredibly light but durable. Easy to clean even if it gets greasy.
Going to be my favorite kitchen item for a long time!!

Shiho F.
Perfect for camping!

I purchased a set of bowls for our camping trip.
Detachable silicone covers also can be used as serving bowls, so actually we have four bowls and they are perfect for a family of 4!
Disposable paper plates are easily blown away by wind and the plastic plates are really hard to remove grease, but stainless steel bowls are super easy to clean and hygienic in the outdoor occasion.
I’m really happy with my purchase!!

Lee M.
Fantastic quality and beautiful products

I ordered the stainless steel bowls and cups for my daughter. I love them! Fantastic quality and beautiful products. Would definitely recommend!

Ellie D.
Durable and unbreakable

I really like this bowl and use it every day.
It’s perfect size for putting fruit salad with some yogurt and curry.
The best thing is I don’t need to worry about the bowl being chipped or broken at all even when my kids wash the dishes. It’s durable and unbreakable which allows me to use it for a long time and doesn’t require replacement.

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