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Leak-proof Silicone Food Storage Bags 3 sizes


Replace single-use plastic zip lock bags with eco-friendly reusable silicone bags made of high quality food grade platinum silicone. (FDA approved)

Are you having some trouble with storing your food in the fridge, freezer or pantry?

Opened grains, nuts, and snacks can get stale or go rancid or even go bad…

Half cut veggies and fruit can lose freshness quickly…

Sticky, gooey or runny leftovers can leak or spill in the fridge…

If all of the above apply to you, our reusable silicone food storage bag is definitely the one you should try out!

Because our silicone bag has built in sealing strip that allows you to shut and seal completely, achieving an airtight and leak-proof effect and keeping food fresh for longer!!

On top of that, it’s made from food grade platinum silicone which is the highest grade of silicone that is BPA free, non toxic and safe for you and the environment.

Without a doubt, it’s a smarter alternative to single use plastic food bags and sandwich bags.

It’s perfect for storing snacks, lunches, chopped veggies and leftovers in the fridge or freezer.
Excellent for meal prep, cooking and organising pantry goods etc.

You can choose your preferable size or a set of 3 sizes (500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml).
Bags nest inside one another, which allows you to save storage space when not in use.

 Dishwasher safe | Fridge & Freezer safe | Microwave safe | Can safely go in boiling water (Withstand −50℃ to 200℃)

※ This product has no plastic packaging. Comes with 4evaeco draw string cotton bag

| Features

・Bag size; 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml

・Made of food grade platinum silicone which is the highest grade of silicone (FDA approved)

・Non-toxic, plastic & BPA free, No lead, PVC & phthalate free

・Reusable and economical. Reuse again and again

・Prevent hundreds of plastic zip lock bags from going into landfill

・Built in sealing strip makes the bag leak-proof and airtight

・Bags nest inside one another, which allows you to save storage space when not in use.

・Ideal for use at home, work or when travelling

・Food can be heated up in boiling water or microwave

・Silicone is non-porous helping inhibit bacterial growth, mould and germs

・Keeps your food fresh for longer

・Wide opening for easy filling

・Arched opening design for easily pouring liquid

・Sits upright to maximise the space in the fridge, freezer and pantry

・Reversible. Easy to clean and quick to dry

・Can be flattened out when not in use to save storage space

・Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Can safely go in boiling water (Withstand −50℃ to 200℃)

| Materials

・100% Food grade platinum silicone (FDA approved)

| Dimensions / Capacity

・500ml: (L)16cm (W)8cm (H)11cm
・1000ml: (L)20cm (W)10cm (H)14cm
・1500ml: (L)14cm (W)12cm (H)16cm

| Use & Care Instructions

・Wash in warm, soapy water then rinse and dry thoroughly before first use and after each use.

・To seal, pinch the top of the bag together.

・Keep the mouth open in the microwave to prevent bursting.

・Take care when pouring in hot liquids.

・Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaning agent to ensure long life.

・Keep away from direct flames to avoid damage.

・Do not use the sharp utensils. It could cut and damage the bags.

・May have stain from oily and coloured foods. To minimize the stain, wash the bag as soon as possible after use.

・To remove stubborn stains, soak in bi-carb soda and water.

・Store in dry, clean place out of direct sunlight.

・Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

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