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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is here!

Either people who have already started a plastic free lifestyle or those who recently decided to begin a plastic free journey, this Plastic Free July is going to be one of the most exciting and rewarding month for you.


Because throughout the month, millions of people across 177 countries are making an effort to reduce plastic use to be part of the solution to eradicate plastic pollution!


Every decision you make towards a plastic free lifestyle will make a big difference, contributing to a cleaner surrounding and oceans, leading you to a healthier and better life.


Considering the fact that we are surrounded by a lot of plastic products, plastic free living is not as easy as you think.
But the important thing is don’t give up and do your best!
You’ll find it very rewarding, satisfying and can’t imagine going back to the old habits that had you depending on plastic!


Keep believing and keep it up throughout this July and hopefully you can sustain your plastic free lifestyle even after the end of the 31 day challenge!

Small act leads to a big impact!
Go plastic free for our beautiful planet!!


If you are new to the plastic free living and not sure where to start, here are 20 ideas that we think are doable and relatively easy to achieve.


  1. Bring your own shopping bags and produce bags for grocery shopping.
  2. Give up bottled water and carry your reusable water bottles.
  3. Carry your lunch in your zero waste lunch box with your reusable utensils.
  4. Carry your food containers for takeaway food and leftovers.
  5. Ditch plastic food wraps for reusable food covers.
  6. Give up single use straws.
  7. Choose reusable sandwich/snack bags over plastic zipper storage bags.
  8. Replace plastic dishwashing sponges to compostable jute scoursor durable dishwashing brushes.
  9. Use compostable water filters.
  10. Carry your takeaway coffee/drinking cup.
  11. Shop your local farmers market.
  12. Buy fresh bread that comes in either paper bags or no bags.
  13. Make your own plant-based milk.
  14. Use soap bars instead of bottled shampoos, hand soaps and detergents.
  15. Use bamboo toothbrushes.
  16. Clean with vinegar and baking soda.
  17. Compost food waste to avoid plastic garbage bags.
  18. Grow herbs and vegetables in your garden or on the balcony.